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"New Career in Just One Year" Program to be Unveiled at March 20 UCLA …

Building your personal brand, finding jobs in fields with significant
growth projections or enhancing your ability to advance in your current
job all will be presented at a free Open House and workshop on Tuesday,
March 20, presented by UCLA Extension in downtown Los Angeles.

UCLA Extension also will unveil its “New Career in Just One Year”
program designed to help mid-career professionals discover how to
transfer their talents and experience into a new field, quickly earn
certificates and apply these updated skills to jump-start a new
employment path.

The Open House will kick off with a “Building Your Personal Brand”
presentation by Nance
Rosen, named “America’s Job Coach” by CNBC. Rosen will offer tips to
help individuals discover powerful secrets about personal branding that
can help them invigorate or reinvent their career.

The Open House begins at 5:30 p.m. with the brief keynote speech at 6
p.m. at UCLA Extension’s Figueroa Courtyard facility, 261 S. Figueroa
St., Los Angeles, CA 90071. All career workshops and panels are free,
but registration is encouraged as these programs can reach capacity.
Registration can be completed online under the “workshop” tab at: .

Most workshops will include a panel of experts for a particular field of
study, as well as real-life experiences and best-practices from recent
UCLA Extension graduates. Workshops and panels include:

Patient Advocacy: A panel will discuss the current health care
system and the rapidly growing field of patient

Global Sustainability Certificate: In this growing job sector,
recent graduates will discuss how they became leaders in their
company’s or community’s green initiatives and offer tips on how
designers, educators, technology professionals, lawyers, and others
can contribute to a greener world.

Getting Your Creative Writing Published: Learn how, in this
changing literary marketplace, to be a better self-advocate, have a
winning strategy, and write quality work. This panel features
established authors.

Career Opportunities in the Financial Field: Contrary to
popular belief, there are jobs in this field. The panel will review
current employment trends in accounting and finance.

Managing Water Resources with Sustainable Landscaping: Learn
how architects and engineers are working to manage water resources,
using appropriate native plants, low-impact development, and
appropriate site planning and infrastructure design.

Careers in Construction Management Project Management: Experts
will provide a thorough review of how certificates can give
individuals the right tools and knowledge needed to become a more
effective project manager. This program is suitable for anyone in
government and such industries as banking, construction, defense,
entertainment, health, information technology, and more.

Homeland Security and Emergency Management: UCLA Extension is
launching a new certificate program in this field with application for
both the private sector and public agencies.

About UCLA Extension

UCLA Extension is the continuing education division of the University of
California at Los Angeles (UCLA). We offer courses evenings and weekends
in Westwood and downtown Los Angeles, plus online classes available
around the globe. Courses include business, arts, engineering,
information technology, entertainment studies, public policy, public
health, the humanities and more. Explore UCLA Extension:

SOURCE: UCLA Extension

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